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All other configurable properties are dependent on the type of device. Next, set the device you would like to enroll in its enrollment mode. Scroll to Installation Settings and press the Scrollwheel. LURMD Corner Mount Motion Sensor - to enroll this device, take the following steps: 1. You may also enter text for displaying the Inactive and Active states of the sensor. For brand new sensor installation, remove the battery cover, hold the battery firmly in place, and remove the cellophane tab - this powers the device and puts into enrollment mode.This varies with each device, so refer to the device manufacturer's manual for the proper procedure. In the Lumina Gateway Setup software, add the motion sensor to the Sensors Panel. If the sensor has previously been enrolled and disbanded, remove the battery cover and press the Program button 4 times. In the Lumina Gateway Setup software, click on the Enroll button in the device's Properties palette. When enrollment is complete, a confirmation message will display in the Lumina Gateway Setup software. LURDW Door/Window Sensor - to disband this device, take the following steps: 1.So it is likely that the A and B connections will need to be reversed (i.e. The ZSS10 switch can be used for 3, 4 or higher multi-way applications.When the switches are added in the Gateway setup software, use the 3-Way Linked To feature in the Gateway setup software to create your multi-way network.Devices can connect when on any Wi Fi network, whether in the home or on a remote Wi Fi network, such as a coffee shop but not when the mobile device is on 3G or 4G.Check as to whether Mobile Data is turned off for the device, either globally, or for i OS devices, either globally or for the Snap Link app only. Electronic low voltage transformers are ideally used with a reverse phase dimmer while the 35A00-1CFL is a forward phase, so performance is not guaranteed.First, Close Project Editor, then you’ll need to open Control Panel and locate Windows Firewall.

The Firewall has now been defaulted for ALL applications on your computer. Open the project and complete the steps to upload the GUI as you usually would.The Lumina Gatewayy supports a maximum of 40 Lumina RF and supported devices. Select the type of device you would like to add from the left-hand palette (i.e. In the Lumina Gateway Setup software, click on the Enroll button in the device's Properties panel.These following steps are a general guide on how to add, enroll, and disband a Lumina RF or other supported device, to the Lumina Gateway. Lighting and Loads, Thermostats, Sensors, Cameras or Touchscreens, etc.) 3. When enrolled, the software will display a confirmation message.On a system where Rooms and HLC Scenes are configured, every time setup is entered on the Omnitouch 7, and then Save and Exit is selected, the Rooms replicate on the Rooms page and the scenes replicate on the lighting page inside the room.The screen must be rebooted to remove the extra rooms and scenes.

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In the Lumina Gateway Setup software, add the ZSS10 to the Lighting and Loads panel. The quickest way to resolve this is to re-upload the GUI group to this device.