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Our Black, Dark Green, Dark Brown & Dark Grey colors limit the most light from entering the tank, which in turn reduces growth of waterborne algae.Our line of Water Storage Tanks comes standard with a screw on vented lid, inlet bulkhead and outlet bulkhead w/ plug.Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance. Therefore, a 1.5 specific gravity means you can store liquid that is 1.5 times as dense as water.Our line of Plastic Storage Tanks is generally used for the bulk storage of Water, Liquid Fertilizer, Farm & Agriculture Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Soap, Cleaning Agents, non potable water, Waste Vegetable Oil or any other polyethylene compatible compatible liquid.Rainwater collected from roofs of houses can make an important contribution to the general availability of water as well as household water cost savings.Some individuals like the idea of not having to pay a utility company for water that is FREE.Poly-Mart is a Manufacturer of polyethylene tanks for Rainwater Harvesting, Water Storage, Chemical Storage and Emergency Long Term Water Storage. Poly-Mart Plastic Tanks are sold through our network of Retail and Online Distributors, therefore you can get pricing and freight quote information directly from one of our distributors.Poly-Mart Plastic Tanks are known in the industry for superior design and high quality! The Poly-Mart factory is Centrally located in Austin, TX so we can ship competitively to any corner of the United States!

Poly-Mart’s manufacturing team has been in the rotational molding business for over 40 years.The fittings located at the base of the tank is for the included 3-piece brass ball valve assembly and can be used for filling or draining.This assembly is set up with a hose end fitting so that you can easily install a hose.These Doorway Emergency Water Storage Tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 500 Gallons.They are all pre-installed with two 3/4″ bulkhead fittings & ship with a high quality lead-free brass hose bib as well as a 3-piece, lead-free brass ball valve assembly.

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The other is located 14″ off the ground and off centered from the fill/drain fitting so that there is never any interference when filling a 5 gallon bucket or pan with water.

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