Xampp webalizer not updating first message online dating sample

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Xampp webalizer not updating

Instead of installing the new version the current one, I decided to take another route, which I will explain in this very post.

It might be worth mentioning that I am writing this short tutorial mainly for the future me, although the post should be of good use to anyone with a similar setup.

Of course, you also might have installed one or more additional PHP extensions, and customized or at least completed some config files for things like PHP, My SQL, or even the XAMPP Control Panel.After that, start XAMPP (i.e., the XAMPP Control Panel), stop all running services such as your Apache and My SQL server, then quit XAMPP (i.e., actually close the application, not just hide it to the system tray).Finally, rename the folder that XAMPP is installed in, for example, to . I only use the Apache and My SQL server, PHP, and php My Admin.Thorsten is a Senior Word Press Engineer at Human Made.A big fan of open source, Thorsten created several plugins and other projects, but also contributed to existing open source projects.

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