Worst dating websites Free web cam cybersex and no credit card req

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Worst dating websites

Jami Lin “Love Love LOVES helping you to evolve” but could use a little of her own advice to revamp her website.

It’s difficult to glean any useful information from the incredibly busy homepage.This surplus of images and text is a little overwhelming and offers little in the way of clear navigation.Okay, so the title and imagery certainly go a fair way to suggest the purpose of this website, but if you’re really clueless about this company, the numerous floating images of raw meat should give a couple of hints.Even the navigation tabs at the top of the page don’t provide any helpful information.Users have the option to scroll through the images of Punch and Judy, tractors and chickens interspersed between random details about the event.

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”, the blindingly gaudy colours drown out any form of explanation.

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