Why men dating white women

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She told me she even has gotten her girlfriends to date black men and they like it to." If she had asked you to "hook her up" with a white dude and was then talking about her new love in the office, would you feel the same way? I'd add too that the workplace is the workplace is the workplace. To each their own, why are you so concerned, unless your seeking other people's opinions to validate your own reasonings for whether to interacially date or not, yourself.I'm presuming from your post that you're white but know some black "dudes" and she's obviously white but correct me if I'm wrong! If she's encouraging you in the workplace to "hook her up" with a black dude, has time in the workplace to not only discuss her personal life but also has time there to hook up her friends, I'd venture to guess that some work in the workplace isn't being done. You seem to specialize in a lot of controversial subjects throughout the forum.

How great he is & how much fun she is having since they started dating. ( Black Men in Interracial Relationships ) And that's just in Washington DC alone, where (mind you) the population is 70% african american as it is.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.70% of black/white relationships are black male & white woman.A poll said that 78% of white woman ages 15-30 are attracted to black men.The simplistic bottom line is that, in my opinion, colour difference is far less an issue than cultural difference.Regardless of skin colour, a Bible-thumping Baptist isn't going to have much in common with a Buddhist and an Aryan Nation supporter will likewise have little in common with a Jew.

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