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Who is jillian michaels dating now

Since it took two long years for researching and more time for adoption process from Haiti, Jillian Michaels partner Heidi decided to be pregnant.Also See: Heidi Rhoades Net Worth Heidi naturally gave birth to a baby boy, Phoenix on May 3, 2012.People want to know much about you and they keep on enquiring about your life.Though you do not want to reveal your personal life, you are compelled to do so.If you read her latest articles she tells you everything you want to know.No, Jillian Michaels will be returning for Season 14. After Jillian recognized that she needs to adopt a baby and guide him/her throughout life, she was all set to prepare with her partner for it.

In an interview when Jillian was asked, how could she love a child who is not her own?Jillian had already given a diamond engagement ring to her future wife Heidi in 2012.In 2016, she wore a diamond ring herself after proposing Rhoades.After being in a domestic relationship, Jillian wasn’t sure of having kids. Soon, they both wanted to adopt a child, when they went on a trip to Africa and visited an orphanage to donate school supplies.Jillian mentioned this in an interview with Rich Valenza who is the founder of The couple felt the importance of a family to the orphan child decided to bring one in their home.

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Jillian was then informed by the doctors that Heidi wouldn’t be able to have a normal delivery. Just after my delivery, Jillian began to do everything she could.

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