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Irish agricultural exports to Russia almost halved between 20 (from €722 million to €364 million) as pork, dairy and poultry were among foodstuffs banned by Russia in the tit-for-tat dispute.The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade estimates the value of Irish exports to Russia increased by about 40 per cent to €500 million last year, as companies found ways to operate within the sanctions by focusing on exporting agri-technology and by setting up and acquiring local production.The vast bulk of formal dividends instead disproportionately benefit higher ranking officers and institutions within the Tatmadaw.Military capitalism entrenches the autonomy of the Tatmadaw from civilian oversight.

In addition to acting, Hollyoaks also allowed me to prove myself as a writer as I penned some episodes, too.” GM: “If the timing was right and the idea was good, then, yes, I’d be up for it. Former Hollyoaks star Gerard Mc Carthy Lane tells us about his new stage role! Gerard starred as cross-dressing Kris Fisher in Hollyoaks from 2006 to 2010. It’s a real pinch-me moment and I feel incredibly lucky.” GM: “No.Since quitting the C4 soap, Gerard has appeared in TV series including BBC 2’s The Fall and Vikings on the History Channel. It’s a musical but Erwin isn’t a musician or a singer. It would be odd if he suddenly burst into a Tina Turner song on stage.Military conglomerates are a major source of off-budget revenue for the military and a main employer of retired soldiers.Yet few veterans receive more than a small piece of the profits from UMEHL.

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He’s currently back on stage, starring in Tina: The Musical. Erwin and Tina have been together for 35 years and they’re still very much in love.” GM: “I was nervous about that, but Erwin set my mind at rest.