Validating composite controls

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This provides for more agility and flexibility in managing changes.The proxy is the interface to the service from external consumers.addresses the business challenge of creating a credit validation system.Overviews of how key SOA composite application components are created and address this challenge are provided, including BPEL process invoke, assign, and transformation activities; database adapters; SOA templates; and composite sensors.A key area for improvement is the need to streamline the ordering process to provide better order tracking visibility through the following parts of the ordering life cycle: A key issue in their current system is that credit card payments are often denied for minor reasons.Since the process to correct these issues varies across Company X's order entry systems, there is no consistent follow-up and resolution to customers.You can also define composite sensors on reference binding components and service components that have business event subscriptions. In the Components window, pipeline and split-join icons are displayed.

The validation process includes three steps: Company X creates a BPEL process service component in the SOA composite application.The database adapter stores and retrieves credit card payment information from the database, including payment type, card number, expiration date, card name, and daily limit.If the credit card number is not available in the database, payment is denied.The implementation of this service uses a BPEL process to invoke a database adapter to retrieve the credit card data from the database and perform the validation.The service returns a payment status of either authorized or denied.

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The role of Oracle Service Bus in this business solution is also described.

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