Updating your license

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Updating your license

However, some offences could remain on your licence for up to 11 years because of their severity: Would all result in points on your licence for 11 years.When starting a new car insurance policy you should be honest about any previous claims or motoring offences as it could affect your cover.To do so, all you have to do is clicking on the right-hand button on the line corresponding to your license. At this point you can visit again the My XLSTAT page to download again the latest version of XLSTAT.The Activating or updating your license section below will help you with activating your new annual license or updating your perpetual license."Our claims statistics have proven that customers with penalty points and motoring offences in the last five years, have more driving incidents and make more claims.Once your XLSTAT annual license arrived to its expiration term, you can renew it through your user account page, My XLSTAT.The police are responsible for handing out penalty points to drivers, but how you get the points depends on the offence itself.Speeding penalty points, for example, could come from a fixed camera, a parked speed van, an officer with a speed gun or you may just be pulled over by a police officer.

Having a points system that can be monitored means the effects of the punishments can be measured and motorists who continue to offend could face a driving ban.

It is also possible to order an update for a perpetual license for which the upgrade & support period has ended via your My XLSTAT.

You can check how much time you have left on your license directly from XLSTAT on your computer.

A member of Admiral's Pricing team said: "It's important to disclose all the relevant facts about previous motoring offences, penalty points, speed awareness courses/driver improvement courses etc.

We aim to protect our customers by ensuring their policy information is correct before an accident occurs; this allows the Claims team to look to pay out a claim in full rather than the potential of not paying the claim, or paying a lower amount.

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For a perpetual license, the expiration date should appear as Unlimited.

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