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Since this program is meant to be executed on a Windows based computer, Mac users are forced to use a virtual system program to run Windows on their Mac OS based computers so that they may update their Action Replay cartridges.Purchase and download a virtual operating system program on your Mac OS based computer.Run the virtual operating system program per the instructions that came with the product (some products have you launch Windows from the Mac OS while some have you reset the computer in a specific manner to launch Windows) to launch the virtual version of Windows.Insert the Action Replay PC application disc into the computer's disc drive with the Windows virtual OS running.During the installation process, you will be prompted to insert a copy of a Windows OS installation disc into the computer's disc drive.Do so, and continue to follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation process.

Install the software on the CD you got with the product 2. once the program has recognise the ds being plugged in click and drag the cheat archive ( EU for Europe US for USA) from the right side of the program to the left side of the program. a message should pop up saying deleteing games (Don't worry this is meant to happen) Then it will move on all the new updated game files/cheats. once the process has completed (you can see the progress by looking at your DS Screen) unplug the Ds And enjoy your new cheats BTW this only works on Action Replay MAX.

That is because the DS game has to be connected to the Nintendo DS game slot not in the GBA slot.

If you want one to work for the DS buy the DS Action Replay only.

plug in the usb cable into your action replay card and your computer. start up your DS with action replay it should automatically recognise its plugged in 5.

To Update your action replay connect your action replay with the cable provided to your computer (your DS and action replay should be switched on) open up your action replay code manager.

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Boot Camp, Parallels and VMware Fusion are a few of the virtual operating system programs available.

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