Updating blackjack 2

Posted by / 25-Jun-2020 11:27

The user base often has incredible ideas that we simply missed and we aggressively add them into the backlog.

Additionally, we come up with quite a few features internally in a variety of ways.

This means we know what our target is and people can go after it!

In the last year the software/firmware team has transitioned to JIRA for the majority of their work. Additionally, we have an automated slack channel where you can type in a bug report and it automatically opens a ticket — this is really cool for when you are short on time or on set filming and find a bug that you don’t want to forget about. You usually shake out the most bugs when you are testing in the real world.

We view growth much like we view health in the human body.Users can adjust the amount of zoom rate scaling to find the perfect amount for their use case/lens.It’s really nice to not have to touch the pan/tilt speeds mid-shot!Some might come from our internal film team “Flight Squad” using the products and making feature requests.Some come from clever engineers dreaming up something awesome and just dropping it in your lap to test.

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In addition to the more practical user testing, the engineering team will develop an extensive ‘acceptance test’ which lists all the key factors the new firmware could impact and will try to prove that there are no outstanding issues that would impact the end user.

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