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Updating blackberry 8830

Nearly all models in this list were 16 MB models with no Bluetooth.The only model with 32 MB and Bluetooth is the 7290, which was the last model released in the early Black Berry form factor, and was the first Black Berry model with Bluetooth. An aberration in this list is the 7270, the first Wi-Fi Black Berry, released later.The use of a QWERTY-like layout took advantage of people's memory of the computer keyboard, since each button was roughly relative to each key.

The Black Berry Pearl 8100 was the first Black Berry without a trackwheel, which was replaced by a miniature trackball to enable full 4-way and mouse-style navigation on a Black Berry.They were built for use with two 1G data-only packet switched networks: Mobitex and Data TAC.They did not support Java without the use of a Java Virtual Machine add-on.Most of these models were the first Black Berry models that had a built-in mobile phone, were the first models that natively ran Java, and transmitted data over the normal 2G cellular network.RIM began to advertise these devices as email-capable mobile phones rather than as two-way pagers.

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