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Updating app v applications

I had initially thought it was the Antivirus software, but I removed it (I learnt long ago to remove the AV software rather than simply disabling it) and the pattern didn’t change.

It wasn’t due to the computer simply being busy after a reboot because I would boot the computer, logon and wait 5 minutes before performing any tests, always waiting for the hard disk to settle before starting any timings.

A virtual client desktop on the same Hyper-V server hosting a publishing and content server also experienced the same problems, so that pretty much eliminates any physical switches.

Yes, I had reconfigured the client so that it was definitely getting its content from the content server on the same Hyper-V host.

A 149MB application was used in this example, but similar results were obtained for other sized packages.

Each test was run 5 times at different locations and the variations between each timing were low (so I had confidence in the figures – although see “Hot and cold timings” later on): Blimey!

I confirmed that I could use Internet Explorer to HTTP connect to the publishing server TCP port and get an XML list of packages available to the user and that this connection was fast. So there doesn’t appear to be a problem with communications to the publishing servers and this additionally confirms that the performance of the publishing servers appears to be adequate.I confirmed that I could HTTP download the “.appv” file content from the IIS content servers to the clients very quickly, at approximately 400Mb/s which isn’t bad considering the physical size of the site and the number of network switches involved.So there doesn’t appear to be a network performance problem with the content servers or the core switches.In early 2013 I was implementing an App-V 5 and App Sense Environment Manager solution for a healthcare customer in London.I had used App Sense Environment Manager and App-V 4.x for many years, but had only implemented small to medium (Given the choice, a VDI solution with a Shared Content Store (SCS) would be my preferred solution, but VDI wasn’t an option for this customer who wanted to stick with their existing desktop environment.

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App-V 5 streaming performance is approximately the same at all times of the day, equally bad on clients connected to different edge switches and on a client desktop connected to the core switches, so if there is a network switch problem then it is at the core.