Updating a samsung f480 timeline ng pagdating ng mga islam

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set your phone in flash mode (remove SD card & SIM, then Volume down, Camera and power/red keys together) then install the flash following the instructions on this site. You probably want to back up all your files and contacts. with Samsung PC Studio and copying over your files on your phone to your memory card or PC (your memory card will not be touched). Hold down the 'Volume down' key (The bottom rocker button on the left side of your phone) and the camera button and press the power on button (some of you may have to press the middle button, as well as the above buttons to go into flash mode). It should look something like this without all the settings selected (The middle section should be blank!

FROM ABOVE LINK:_ Downloading the software: First off you need to download the firmware you want and then Multiloader V5.33 which is the program you're going to be using to flash your phone. Once that's done remove any memory card you may have and then remove the SIM card. Your phone should start up into a wierd screen with downloader v.5.32 or something and some boxes. ): The striked out 'W's are justbackward slashes, don't worry about that.

User-friendliness is also among its definite strong points.

cheers I have had the F480 for a while (firmware F480XXHDA) and it first worked then gave the network error then worked then returned to the network error message on updating to 10.5.5.The process should tkae about 5 minutes thgouh I'm not sure about that.Once it's done your phone will restart twice by itself. You can now repalce your SIM and Memory card and set up your phone the way you like it. 🙂 Feel free to steal this tutorial/post it on another website etc., I made it in a few minutes and couldn't care less if you take credit for it.Do the same for Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and FSS selecting the appropiate files as shown in the above pic. AT THIS POINT DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE/DETATCH THE CABLE/SWITCH OFF YOUR COMP.Your phone should have a status indicator with percentages and this should be reflected in multiloader.

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Instead, the F480 is targeted at people that want a good all-round device, which won't tear a whole in their pocket.

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