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Police raid Burning Sun and the Yeoksam District police unit.

Burning Sun CEO Lee Moon Ho issues a statement in which he apologises to Seungri.

I'd seen this photo before and it nagged at me because I knew it was not from a particular story. The suit is the type with thick tubing from was not in production until April 1968.

After racking my brain, I recalled the old BBC website had a Cyberman gallery. It was labelled simply as a publicity shot from 1967. So if the chest unit is the most modern component then not only is the date proved incorrect, but so is the logic behind this being a publicity shoot in the late 60s.

At Burning Sun, they take data necessary to investigate on suspicions of drugs, sex crimes and collusion at the club.

At his solo concert in Seoul, Seungri apologises to fans saying, .

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Tantalising reminders that they might still be out there in space - perhaps in unseen adventures.

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