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The first Mighty rolled off the assembly line in March 1964.In 1965, the Mighty Dump, now model #2900, was one of three trucks assigned to the newly created Mighty series being joined by model #2905 Mighty Clam and #2940 Mighty Mobile Crane.Interest level and availability of various models is now gauged on a world wide scale, not limited to area toy shows. Along with the increased awareness of available models, was a decrease in prices paid by collectors and enthusiasts. Welcome to what is becoming the go to Mighty Tonka resource on the web.

The manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Mound expanded to meet the demand.Charles Groschen, at the time Tonka's Vice President of Manufacturing, is given credit as the creative mind behind the development of the Mighty Tonka Dump that in turn was the stepping stone for an entire Mighty series.Mighty Tonka trucks are very collectible, especially the first generation Mightys, 1964-1972.They were in random order with their area of responsibility: Leif Sundlie - steel stamping; Frank Whittaker - inventory control; Virgil Pehle (deceased) - steel subassembly; Gary Quast - finished goods distribution; Ben Harder (deceased) - truck driver; Roy Larson (deceased) - truck driver; Verne Larson - plant manager; Ron Eikanis - plant maintenance; Miles Thayer - production control; Sally Swanson - raw materials buyer; Melinda Johnson - final assembly; George Hill (deceased) - plant maintenance; Art Rognass - injection and blow molding; Keith Baillif - injection and blow molding.Once production lines in Mound stopped running, 6 additional Mound employees transferred to El Paso.

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Because of the lower manufactured quantities, certain models can command higher prices in the collector market.

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