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Instead, I’m just a girl constantly putting herself out there in search for the elusive unicorn, with a heavy heart of let-downs, rejections and what seems like constant false hope. Living the cycle of swiping, liking, matching, talking, meeting, getting confused and then abruptly ending has become the expected pattern of my love life.It is hardly something to aspire to, but it’s also something I know I only have a 50% say in. If you want that unicorn, don’t chase donkeys (or for those in the PG camp, a**es). Be the real, amazing you and keep living your best life. For these patterns to change, society’s acceptance of these behaviors needs to be modified—less acceptance of being stuffed around, supporting people in standing up for themselves and respecting themselves enough to expect to be treated with honesty and worth, nothing less. This is what I tell myself: the merry-go-round will slow down eventually, and you’ll take a big step off into the wide-eyed, loyal and exciting amusement park of requited love. I know many girls who don’t outline explanations, who don’t say what they think or feel, and then wonder why dating doesn’t go as planned. I'm married and often times wish I were single, but I know if I were single, I would want to be married LOL Do you want to be alone or are you just fed up with being bombed out?The dating game is horrible, particularly when you're nearing your 40's and older.I have a fairly full life so not needing hobbies etc just tips on how to manage it psychologically. Please help me get my head straight x Write down all of the things you enjoy about being single and remind yourself of these things when you're feeling down.

It’s you that she wants to get to know so it’s important to be yourself from the beginning.There’s no doubt that the dating merry go ‘round can get frustrating and can even make you start doubting your ability to find someone you genuinely connect with. Try implementing some of the changes we discussed and join a dating site today.Who knows, maybe the true love you’ve been searching for is just a few clicks away! Which is a rarity for me—someone whose gut usually gives them all the anxious feels. If I knew the answers, I would preach them—but I don’t.If I could find a way to explain this phenomenon of flippant, short-lived, commitment-lacking dating, I would.

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