The box constantly updating

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I cleared cache and re-downloaded the upgrade files via Browser App. Start Mavic Assistant 2 (in my case I was using Mac version) Plugin the USB C cable (i did use a hq cable that I bought for my external SSD - didn't try the DJI one) Start up the controller - This made it showing up in the Assistant software right away. ) DO NOT interact with any dialogues popping up on the controller's screen.

I went ahead and started the update process via Assistant software.

It seem to stuck at 16 % upgrading at first, but went through. PS: I am certain a DJI rep could have figured out the same by grabbing a Smart Controller and a computer, providing us with an answer.

(Download and transfer steps went smoothly) During the update 3 or 4 pop up windows on the Android system of the controller had opened. The final system reboot into upgrader mode closed them all. I wish that the next update will go the desired way, using the app. PPS: I once have been reminded, why I do not use Android phones Finally Success, Tried many times with all sorts of changes - was using a laptop with windows 10, gave it one last shot on a windows desktop running windows 7 and it worked!

I will coordinate this with our designated department for further help.

You would think DJI would do a test run with the software before their consumers deal with it. Let’s hope the date on the flight is accurate and not 1-18-2013. I’ll keep you updated Hi, we're sorry for the late response.For updating the firmware of your DJI Smart Controller, you may try to use the DJI Assistant 2 to possibly update the firmware.Please ensure that the latest version of the DJI Assistant 2 updated.Okay, I gave it one more try and it worked (FINALLY!) What happened: I received the controller and tried to update via Go 4 app.

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I recently had a remarkable buggy experience with a Phantom 4 Advanced so I think they are having serious quality issues lately. After purchasing a new Smart Controller I turned it on, logged on to my account and activated it.