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In the case of the politicians with whom His Excellency corresponded, he had letters from the lay faithful, asking him to address such-and-such politician, who was Catholic and pro-abortion.

Bishops are, as 'Priest, Prophet and King,' called to 'govern' and 'correct.' An unworthy public or private Holy Communion, willfully chosen by an obstinate, persistent, manifest sinner 'of his own volition,' is a grave, serious matter.

When a 'pro death' Catholic politician disregards a bishop's directive and comes to Holy Communion 'of his own volition,' and the bishop or priest does not deny them as canon 915 directs them to do, the bishop or priest is doing evil (CIC, n.1755), and what Pope Paul VI condemned when he said "one cannot do evil so that good may follow there from" (HV n.14; Rom.3:8).

We next approach the erroneous understanding of separation of church and state and canon 915.

All diocesan priests and deacons are ecclesiastically bound to obey the canonical notification (c.915).

Cases considered in this canon 915 also include: 1] any interdict or excommunication ferendć sententić (one inflicted by the superior); 2] the same penalties latć sententić (inflicted by the perpetrator on himself.very act); 3] grave manifest sin, obstinately maintained, which could be the case of the estimated 500 Catholic pro-abortion politicians in the U.

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Archbishop Burke's discipline on legislators has rocked the Catholic Church worldwide.

Because of misinformation, speculation and outright resentment, confusion reigns regarding the Archbishop's promulgation of his 'canonical notification' based on canon 915, the official communication of what the Church's discipline is.

Are these other human rights to be classed in the same category as infallible teachings in faith and morals?

Do the Bishops now rescind what they stated back in 1998: "Indeed, the failure to protect and defend life in its most vulnerable stages renders suspect any claims to the 'rightness' of positions in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful of the human community" (LGL n.23).

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