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Posted by / 13-Mar-2020 10:37

Now, Sprint’s prices have gotten a bit higher and AT&T has started offering better benefits. If you look at the bare numbers, it might seem like AT&T’s and Sprint’s unlimited plans cost about the same.

After all, Sprint’s higher-priced plan and AT&T’s lower-priced plan are the exact same price.

Both have the latest smartphone models, both carry top brands, and both cost about the same.

Sprint has been working on its network over the last few years, and its coverage has gotten better—but AT&T’s is still so high above it, it’s not really a contest.Overview Sprint and AT&T used to have totally opposite benefits.Sprint was super cheap, but it had spotty service, and AT&T was super pricey, but it had good coverage.To be fair, AT&T’s Unlimited &More plan also gives you Watch TV app access.But if you pay the higher price for the Unlimited &More Premium, then you also get a single additional premium channel (or music service) included in your plan price.

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