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The defense described the cut lip as a case of chapped lips, and although a medical examination confirmed vaginal bruises, both sides used the findings to bolster their arguments. Dixon had injured the girl, and the defense said such injuries were consistent with someone having sex for the first time. Dixon said the girl had initiated the encounter.'' I said we should go to my house, that there was no one there,'' he said, ''but she said she was afraid someone would see us leaving together.'' '' She said that her daddy was a racist and that he would kill both of us if he knew she was with a black man.'' Although a jury acquitted Mr.Dixon of rape, sexual battery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment, they found him guilty of statutory rape, a misdemeanor, and because of the girl's injuries, the more serious charge of aggravated child molestation.Bound by Georgia's sentencing laws, the judge gave Mr. After learning of the sentence, five of the jurors said they would not have voted to convict Mr.Dixon if they had known he would spend so much time in prison.On the eve of Wednesday's hearing, nearly 100 people gathered outside the state Supreme Court here, holding candles and singing, '' We Shall Overcome.'' Speaking to the crowd, Dr.Joseph Lowery, a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Council, did not mince words.'' If the young lady was black and Marcus Dixon was white, I don't think we would be here,'' he said, his voice breaking with emotion. Dixon, she said, had been reprimanded twice before for inappropriate sexual behavior -- once, for exposing himself in class and once for putting his hands down the pants of a female student. Dixon said, he was goofing around.'' This is not about race,'' Ms. '' This is about a sexual predator.'' Nearly a year after the two students' encounter at the high school, most details remain in dispute.

In a place where racial matters still provoke strong emotions, it was no small thing that Mr.The student, a sophomore, told investigators she had been a virgin.In the trial, defense lawyers presented three classmates who said they had seen the bruises days before the reported attack.Our firm specializes in the defense of sex offense allegations and that is all that we do.Over the years, we have handled several hundred sex offense cases and have achieved outstanding results for our clients.

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Dixon, who is black, was being reared by a white family. The girl, who sat in front of him in a class, was three months short of her 16th birthday. Dixon's accuser, who is white, said she had been raped.