Sin of dating in islam geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

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For a man: All the mentioned relatives are unlawful to be married.

However, the first lot are due to blood relationships and hence it would be incest.

All men and women have a responsibility under the Shariah that they do not attract the other sex for whom it is unlawful to do so.

The heart desires and longs and the private parts abide with or does contrary to it".

(Mishkat ul Masabih, Abu Dawood) Teenage relationships start off as friendship and eventually can lead to fornication.

Great Britain has the highest amount of teenage pregnancies in the whole of Europe.

In 2002, 37,232 girls under the age of 16 became pregnant, this figure has risen every year since.

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(Quduri) The above tells us the strict ruling of looking at a woman never mind having a relationship with her.