Sex chatbots for teens

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Sex chatbots for teens

Roo is the latest addition to Planned Parenthood’s digital ecosystem which includes a chat/text program that enables young people to correspond with trained educators via online chat or text message and a free birth control and period tracker app called Spot On.

” Even with ELIZA’s rudimentary abilities, Weizenbaum was surprised to see his subjects grow attached to her; his own secretary asked to be left alone with the bot in order to have a private conversation.

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When users start using the chatbot they are prompted to select female, male, trans man, trans woman, non-binary, or even to name their own gender.

The bot also analyzes the words and questions and sometimes prompts users to talk to an expert or someone more experienced.

” Few teenagers would ask mom or dad these questions—even though their life could quite literally depend on it. To a patient saying “I’m depressed,” she would reply “Why do you think you’re depressed?

Invented by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT, ELIZA would ask very simple questions and her replies were often simply reiterations of whatever she had just been told.

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