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Rico blanco kc concepcion dating

KC Concepcion is a Filipino actress whose has quite the talent hidden under her sleeves.

Apart from being an actress, she is also a singer-songwriter, host, model, and entrepreneur.

PIERRE PLASSART – French filmmaker Pierre Plassart expressed his love for Filipina girlfriend KC Concepcion on social media.

Filmmaker and producer Pierre Emmanuel Plassart is the current boyfriend of actress-entrepreneur KC Concepcion.

Pierre Plassart flew all the way to the Philippines just to be with KC Concepcion.

Concepcion’s mother, Sharon Cuneta, approves her daughter’s relationship with her French boyfriend. This beautiful woman (inside and out) encourages me to be the best in all circumstances.

After their almost a hit but not quite ex-deal ABS-CBN (Star Cinema) and GMA (Regal Films)' produced back-to-back-movies - For The First Time and When I Met You, KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez have returned to their respective showbiz worlds - the first as a Kapamilya, while the last as a Kapuso contract artists, respectively.

She makes every moment worth it, fun and memorable. I’m forever grateful for this long road ahead together.♥️ A post shared by Pierre Emmanuel Plassart (@peplassart) on Pierre Plassart allegedly gifted KC Concepcion a gorgeous watch that is very expensive and it could be the most high-priced item a celebrity could have.She is popularly known for being the daughter of Filipino actor Gabby Concepcion and host Sharon Cuneta.In the Philippines, she is considered being pure showbiz royalty.

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KC is also cautious about her diet and that is why she eats dry seaweed for protein and cayenne pepper to build her energy.