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Renee zellwiger dating

She also confirmed in some interviews that she had to wear padded bras and fake breasts for the movie as her character needed to look like an average 135-pound British woman.

But after “Bridget Jones” and the 2004 sequel came out, Renee’s boobs remained fuller and bigger than when she first arrived in Hollywood.

Renee graced the premiere of “Jerry Maguire” with little makeup and a simple girl-next-door hairstyle.

One day, however, she shocked fans when she finally graced a public event where she appeared to have a completely changed face.

Beauty and plastic surgery experts were in agreement that Renee’s new face indicated she had a lot of procedures done for years.

She may have had botox around her brow area, which helped tighten her skin and other fillers so that she would look younger for the cameras.

Renee appeared to have had eye surgery done on her usually heavy upper eyelids. Gone were her squinty eyes that characterized her endearing look as the timid Dorothy on “Jerry Maguire.” Yes, who could forget the way she looks at Tom Cruise with those eyes.

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Perhaps still reeling from the fact that she’s becoming a big deal in Hollywood, the actress faced photographers shyly with a scrunch face.