Pua speed dating lines

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Pua speed dating lines

_________________________________ There is some good discussion on this here: It's important to note that has a "Trust and Safety" department within its organization, just like Twitter.

In other words a crackdown on pimps who work through

Or how about that it wasn't anything resembling a rally, and neither the organizer nor any of the attendees actually believed rape should be legal?

It gets me livid when people have such detailed "knowledge" of misinformation, yet somehow stop absorbing anything once true information comes out.

For pickup it’s more about showing you understand the girl, can build rapport quickly, and learn about who she is. To break it down further we need to consult Sherlock Holmes who outlines three pieces to the science of deduction: Observation Deduction Knowledge While observation tells you a girl with a rucksack and a map of London is a tourist, deduction tells you that when she’s still alone at 8pm wearing shorts and trainers with slightly dishevelled hair then she’s been out all day, done lots of tourist sites, and is now pretty bored and starved of social contact.

That’s a girl who will open and idate easier than average.

Even if they weren't crimes, we have an inherent moral centre. "Teaching men how to rape" is laughable in its illogic. Actually, the best groups on Meetup are the ones that women flock to. If chicks wanted "manly" men, you'd expect them to be flocking to the woodworking meet up. What's funny is that learning game has actually improved my relationship with women so much.

The details are here: Here are some quotes from that policy announcement: ___________________________________ Groups primarily intended for scheduling dating events and all dating-related service offerings are no longer permitted on the Meetup platform including, but not limited to: Speed dating, date coaching, matchmaking, and date clinics.

The shared practices and principles of these groups were determined to not be in alignment with Meetup’s values to support local communities built on civility, respect, and mutual consent — not only towards their own members, but towards the outside community as well.

I’m a big believer in cold reading but not as a PUA-y gimmick to impress birds with palmistry nor as a weirdo speed seduction thing to mesmerise a girl.

Rather, I think it’s a great way to screen girls so you don’t waste time on ones you don’t like and can instead focus laser-like on the girls who really get your blood bubbling. Mentalist books would call cold reading “the process by which the reader creates the effect that he has knowledge of an unknown subject’s life – past, present and future.” For their purposes this is true.

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