Prince william dating gossips

Posted by / 20-Nov-2020 21:22

Prince william dating gossips

Two days after that headline, Daily Mail royal reporter (and strong Windsor ally) Richard Kay further refuted the Sun story and said William and Kate would consider legal action over it. The Royals, but especially Queen Elizabeth, operate a savvy PR game where they only step in when it’s absolutely necessary.

You can’t slap down every nonsense story lest you start to look guilty. Nicole Cliffe’s epic Twitter thread offered some theories, but she was also echoing something that had been around the blogosphere and Royal gossip circles for a while: That Prince William was allegedly caught cheating on Kate with Rose Chumley. The audacity to cheat on your spouse with their best friend, especially after your mother was famously put through the wringer by your dad’s infidelity…

So why go after this nothing little story about feuding friends? Suffice to say, people were not happy about this, but they certainly latched onto the story, and things were only made all the more dramatic when food critic, TV presenter and all-round ars*hole Giles Coren tweeted (then deleted) that the affair was public news for his circle.

Right now, the British Royal Family (the Royals who gobble up most of the world’s attention, sorry Denmark) are in a curious place where they have seemingly never been more popular. The younger generation, headlined by the Cambridge and Sussex duos, have been heralded as the new era of royalty, the modern millennials who are Just Like Us.The other possibility to this gossip angle is that the anti-Meghan stories are coming directly from the House of Cambridge as a way to keep the focus off the cheating.The British press are pretty kind to the Royals for the most part.What is it about this tale that has enraptured and enraged so many? First of all, it’s tough to avoid the optics of how this story, unfounded or otherwise, has picked up no steam in the British press while every move Meghan makes is under the microscope.Surely if she was rumoured to be cheating on Harry with some piece of posh totty, we’d never hear the end of it.

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OK, let’s get this out of the way: None of us have any proof that William is or has ever cheated on Kate.