Poly triad dating tips dating someone kids

Posted by / 03-Aug-2020 22:25

But even in healthy relationships, maintaining friendships and family ties outside that relationship is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy.Other people offer perspective on your relationship that you can’t see from inside.Sure, polyamory comes with the added stress of multiple relationships but monogamy is straight up fighting against our natural instincts so… But let me take a step back for a second and do a little term-defining.Monogamy is what most of you are probably doing if you’re in a relationship or have done in past relationships if you’re not currently partnered.OK, I'll just put it out there: Being monogamous is hard.

Not cheating on the partner you’ve monogamously committed to, even though statistics show that the majority of us will cheat and be cheated on.This is not to say that either lifestyle is “better” or “worse” — whatever works for you and your partner(s) works for you and your partner(s).It’s just to say that there are certain things we could all learn from each other in order to make life more enjoyable all around.and with them, the opportunity to help each other face them.When I see poly couples try to shield each other from challenges so much that no growth is happening, that's usually a relationship where the "poly" part is faltering or failing.

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