Physical dating violence among high school students dating services lunchdates

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Physical dating violence among high school students

Of the 2725 students in classrooms selected for participation, 1878 completed the survey (American Association for Public Opinion Research response rate, 68.9%).Noncompleters were absent from school on the day of the survey (n = 724), declined to participate (n = 99), or were not permitted to participate by their parents (n = 24).Research on victims of DV has demonstrated that they are at risk for a range of negative consequences, including death, injury, suicidal thoughts, substance use, disordered eating, and psychiatric disorders.In contrast to the relatively rich information available about victims of DV, far less is known about DV perpetrators and how to prevent their aggression, which may be one of the reasons that only 2 DV prevention programs have been found effective to date.Moreover, previous studies that have found that DV and peer violence are associated or that DV and sibling violence are associated have described those associations by using odds ratios, correlation coefficients, or mean scale scores.Although these are useful metrics for researchers, practitioners still lack an easily interpretable quantification of the overlap among the different types of abuse, such as a proportion that represents the prevalence of the overlap.

Dating violence perpetration was also associated with substance use, knife carrying, delinquency, and exposure to community violence.Second, we explored the relationship between DV perpetration and other adolescent problem behaviors, including sibling and peer violence perpetration, substance use, knife carrying, and school truancy.We expected to find that physical DV was common, that it was associated with both peer and sibling assault perpetration, and that it co-occurred with other adolescent risk behaviors and experiences.The Human Subjects Committee at the Harvard School of Public Health approved all procedures, and research protocols were approved by the Office of Research, Assessment, and Evaluation at the Boston Public Schools.Respondents were instructed to “think about someone you were or are dating” in the past 30 days, with the specification that “by dating, we mean a girlfriend or boyfriend, or someone who you were romantically or sexually involved with.” Respondents were further instructed “when answering these questions, do not include times when you or someone else was playing or joking around.” They were then asked to indicate the number of times in the past month that they (a) had a yelling argument with him or her; (b) swore or cursed at him or her or called him or her fat, ugly, stupid, or some other insult; (c) threatened to hit, punch, kick, or hurt her or him; (d) pushed, shoved, or slapped him or her; and (e) hit, punched, kicked, or choked him or her.

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