Outlook updating schedule information retrieving busy Online xxx video chat clup

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Outlook updating schedule information retrieving busy

Finally, to rule out many possibilities I reimaged her machine. What exactly was corrupted and where within Outlook or the OS is beyond me.After some issues caused by unexpected server shutdown [building wide power outages], I am having all sorts of issues.

Retrieving Free/busy information from server" but it never updates after several minutes. So, with one user I went through this process and it worked for about a week. I was not able to determine who or what was causing the problem but I haven't heard from anyone since this problem occurred, so I'm going to consider the problem solved. If I create a new appointment using Outlook 2010 and add 2 users as attendees, I can see one of the user's Free/Busy schedule, but not the other user's.Instead their entire schedule is hashed out and if I place my cursor over it, I get a message that says "No Free/Busy information could be retrieved." Now, if I sign into OWA and repeat the above process, I can see both user's Free/Busy schedule. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening with Outlook 2010?The weird thing is when you first open Outlook; you can create a meeting and see the free/busy times. Sometimes calendar events or meetings can become corrupted. But if you create another meeting, it gets grayed out. I even tried the "/cleanfreebusy" switch and it does not work. Thanks Vicki Ran into a similar situation a couple of weeks ago.

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Hi, I have a problem with some users when trying to schedule meetings in Outlook. But, by reimaging I removed a lot of "what if's" from the long list of possibilities.