Orthodox dating shomer negia

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A friend, for example, asked me whether the site would be just a bunch of angry girls posting about how terrible shomer negiah is. Now, though, I was wondering if the feelings of frustration from my last relationship would have been avoided, or at least the problems recognized sooner, if it had been Shomer Negiah dating.

I asked people who were shomer negiah if they thought it was a good idea, if they thought people would contribute, and if they thought it would be a helpful outlet to discuss these sensitive issues. I want to give people an outlet to speak to an audience that understands them.

Dating somebody who feels differently about the observance of negiah within a relationship can create questions and complications for otherwise-compatible couples.

Upperclassmen scrutinize freshmen to ascertain their shomer negiah status.

This essentially means that a person does not touch a person of the opposite sex, that is to say any physical contact, unless they are married.

There are some exceptions, of course, being immediate family for the most part.

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Touch has become so meaningless in secular American society and people are desensitized to it, and we have a responsibility to fight against that trend.” I hear it; I just have very mixed feelings about it.