Open source dating site platform Palm bay sex chat room

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Open source dating site platform

The road to a winning online dating business is paved by serving what the users expect from your app. Not because it requires an Einstein to decipher them, but because they are purely subjective.

Understanding the complete picture of how users will behave online by generalizing the facts and figures may not be the correct way to start.

Push Notification: Users get notified about important events where either someone took interest in their profile, or their profile matched with the other or if someone sent them a message User Interface: Tinder owes its success to a clean and neat User Interface. With a hefty amount of data and features to be presented under one platform, it’s easy to get distracted. Keeping the user interface simple and effortless leads to a successful user journey intended for the platform.

Matchmaking: Segmenting the user profiles according to criteria based on age, location, profile, interests, mutual connections etc.

But the core idea of dating has remained the same since time immemorial. Tinder, Happn, e Harmony, OKCupid etc are some of the big names in the online dating industry. These are the old players who have tasted success in the very early stages.

Making an online dating app is not easy, but it’s no rocket science either.

What code to write and how to include the arrays–leave that to us.

Users on these platforms do not whether an individual on that platform is interested in dating or even minutely thinking of it. And this makes people avoid taking a leap of faith on such websites.

On the other hand, when users meet other individuals on dating platforms, the first step is already cleared–everyone knows that the other person is interested in dating.

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Hence, providing a unique platform where like-minded users meet their counterparts adds to the value that automatically attracts profits like magnets.

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