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Typically, you’ll have to find an attractive investment, convince an investor or lender to put down money, and then invest some sweat equity.

However, when people talk about flipping houses with no money, they typically want to know how to finance the property.

Similarly, a home flipper can avoid putting any money down on a flip by utilizing a lender with a down payment requirement, and then finding a partner to make that down payment in exchange for profit from the flip.”— Lucas Machado, President, House Heroes LLCThere are several options of where to find private money partners for flipping houses with no money.

An investment group is an organization that brings together local real estate investors and other industry related pros, such as hard money lenders and title companies.

Wholesalers need to understand their local markets, real estate contracts, construction cost, and investor’s desires for real estate returns.“The best deals are usually found off-market.

Wholesaling is right for people who have an existing network of investors looking for fix-and-flip deals.Some national investment groups you can check out first include National REIA and National REIC.“If you join a real estate investment group in your area, you will build your cash buyers list, meet the most honest hard money lenders, and find the most creative title companies for doing deals like wrapping mortgages and buying subject to the mortgage.You can build your power team and expand the options available to you.”— Todd Hutcheson, Founder, IBuy Another option for flipping houses with no money is to tap into private money using your existing business connections.It provides networking opportunities and the chance to collaborate on investment deals including fix-and-flip projects.If you can manage a rehab but need a money partner, you can use the connections you meet at an investment group to fund a deal using an investor’s money.

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At the end, you distribute the profits equally or according to your predefined agreement.“One common form of partnership for home flipping is when one partner supplies the entirety of the funding, and the other partner brings the deal and manages the renovations.

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