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Nicole anderson dating nick

Nicole Gale Anderson is a Filipino-American actress best known for her role as Heather Chandler on The CW series Beauty and Beast. The Ravenswood star, Nicole is has had an encounter with some of the few celebrities in her past.Recently there have been rumors about Nicole being in a relationship. But all of her relationships didn't have a happy ending.Though a kiss was filmed for the couple, it was confirmed by Paul Hoen that it hadn't made the final cut, and would not appear in the series. Well, we are back with another gossip about celebrities we love.On their one month anniversary, (Up in the Air), Kevin finds out that Macy's family give homemade gifts, so to give her something special, Nick makes her a mug.She gives him a watch as his gift, and Nick gives her earrings as a back-up gift, in case Kevin was wrong about the home-made gift.

Gale is one of the celebrities who open about their relationship.He admits that she seems different this summer to the way she's been in the past, and admits he doesn't want her working for Stone, because it would mean they'd have less time to hang out, so Macy passes on Stone's offer. By the end of the episode, she confesses that she was describing him, and she would like to be more than friends with him. The pair are about to kiss, but Stella interrupts them.The episode ends with her and Nick walking on the beach and having a great time. They continue to hide their relationship in "The Secret", moving away from each other when the others catch them watching a fishing show together, but Macy is frustrated about having to keep the relationship a secret from Stella.Macy thinks the mug is sweet though, and kisses him on the cheek.Though the series shifts its focus from the couple after this episode, there are still several hints to their relationship.

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Nicole might be dating but she hasn’t made it official yet.