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The first new wing in the late 1950s was built along the railway line with a new assembly hall and stage. In the 1960s, ZBMM was changed to BMMF (Bible Medical Missionary Fellowship) and the number of foreign teachers decreased.The building started out as L-shaped with a junior and high school assembly hall/gymnasium.There were other mandatory subjects like English (language)and Hindi.As per local state regulations, students had to pass the 9th standard Marathi or Gujarati exams, and the 10th standard History and Geography exams.The medium of instruction was English and the examination papers for the 11th standard final school exams were set in Cambridge, England and initially were sent there for evaluation.Until about 1964, students were required to take both the Cambridge exams as well as the local SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exams.Under that was worn a white button down blouse with short sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.

The school, house badge, and class badges are worn by every student, while prefects have additional badges In Bombay there is a School whom I love, Windswept and encircled by trees, Midst roar of the traffic, yet towering above As a beacon looks over the seas.

Science subjects included Higher Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Arts subjects included English Literature, any of the languages, regular Mathematics, History, Geography, Physiology/Hygiene and Domestic Science. Extracurricular activities included dramatics, elocution, sports including swimming.

Queen Mary School has a history of producing students who consistently score high grades at the standard 10 board exams called the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

Batch sizes approximate 90 students divided into two sections.


It operates under the management of the Christian Medical Educational Fellowship (C. The monthly tuition fees were higher than the schools which taught in the local languages and the "convent" girls' schools run by nuns associated with Jesuit societies.