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Risks & issues: Review of the schedule based upon completing progress updates will often result in identification of additional risks or issues.This is the appropriate time to capture these risks/issues, and plan the appropriate actions to close or mitigate the risk/issue.Based upon completion of on-going schedule analysis, including follow-up research and discussion with team members, you will often identify adjustments that need to be made to one of the planning artifacts (schedule, issue / risk log, project management plan).The following represent considerations when making common adjustments to the schedule: Resource assignments: Resource assignments may be proactive resource changes to avoid future problems, or reactive changes to respond to slippage in the project schedule.It always amazes me that after project managers put so much time and effort into creating a baseline project schedule, they do not always put the same level of energy and discipline into maintaining it during the execution phase of the project.

These generally represent clarification of the work to be performed (vs. Again, if these changes are material in nature, and have not already been completed, you should consider reflecting these changes in the schedule.These processes and tools can range from weekly conversations with team members, to utilization of a tool for each team member to submit updates.The key to this process is that it is linked to other project update activities (timeliness of information is dependent update establishing efficient processes): After completing progress updates to the schedule, it is a best practice to review the schedule data in a manner that proactively identifies potential issues.The precedence relation between the two activities is assumed to be a finish-start relation with a minimal time-lag equal to zero.The earliest start (ES) and earliest finish (EF) times of each activity are indicated.

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Duration / work estimates: When material differences in work effort or duration are identified (plan vs.