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Once you realize that life and relationships aren’t static, you can tweak the romantic script until it feels right for you. ) Find The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels (Seal Press) at your indie bookstore or on Amazon; follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

And know that, when you get to be my age, you’ll be having great sex.

In fact, a line in my online dating profile stated, “I have six kids. It wasn’t until I actually talked to them about it that I learned I was very wrong. Don’t automatically assume your kids will be mad if you start dating. There are men out there who understand your time constraints and your responsibility to your family, and are okay with it.

Don’t think that you must spend every spare moment with your new love.

) like to get remarried just so I’d have a second pair of hands to help me out.

It would be great to have two incomes for one set of bills.

While most of the comments on that post were all over the map — from men blaming feminism on women’s “bad” behavior to women who’d been been cheated on to categorizing all men as being suspect — many seemed to indicate that dating at midlife was, well, challenging. So I thought that it might be a good idea to revisit what it’s like to date at midlife. It’s a symbiotic relationship that determining the kinds of family structures that we create for ourselves and in turn the society we want.” tweet So what does this mean if you’re a young woman trying to sort out her life? Could you create a relationship that gives you as much as you may have to give up?

Some have happily strengthened their partnership, others have since broken up. Today’s young women have lots of options, as Kelli María Korducki, author of I really think that my generation is at a crossroads, where we’re beginning to question these understandings that we thought were so hardwired about the nature of gender, the nature of partnership, of employment, and all the things feed into each other.

It would be great to have someone to go out to dinner with — but I don’t want to have to compromise on what restaurant to go to.

I am divorced christian native american woman without kids from Dallas, Texas, United States.

— I noted that a number of my 50-something, empty-nester, divorced female friends had happily found love again. For one, consider whether having an “until death” monogamous relationship is something you truly want and not just something you believe you “should” want. Could some of your needs be met by others (or yourself), not necessarily a romantic/sexual partner and, if so, how would that change what you’re looking for in a romantic/sexual partner — and would you even want one, or just one?

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  1. African-American women’s views were more spread out when asked if they would settle down with someone outside their faith: Most participants hold neutral views about their men drinking alcohol and using marijuana, but there is an extremely negative reaction to cocaine.