Melvin and sherri dating coach

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Melvin and sherri dating coach

Following on from Millman’s international best seller ’The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, this inspirational book takes the teachings in the classic novel one step further. The remarkable story of the life of Christopher Reeve, known for his on screen role of Superman, and how he had to become his own superhero after being thrown from a horse and breaking his neck.

This incredible book follows him on his journey as he rebuilds his life.

Starting with the words ’Life is difficult’ this book takes you on a profound journey. The book includes self-development techniques which actually work that you can effectively apply to your own life. Stay motivated and inspired for your whole life with this cracking inspirational volume. ’Do ordinary things exceptionally well’ is the message behind this inspirational study, it’s all about making your life a work of art. We really are into heavy weight territory of inspiration and amazing real life stories when it comes to Nelson Mandela. This novel is the story of a 9 year old German boy growing up during World War II, it tells the sad and poignant story of the son of a high ranking SS officer who forms a friendship with a Jewish boy of the same age, who is an inmate at Auschwitz.

But watch out, as the results will be transformational. Being the author of many inspirational books, nobody does motivation better than Zig Ziglar. You don’t need to be a super achiever to live an exceptional life either; this book tells you all you need to know. This remarkable book is the autobiography of the former South African President’s life including his 27 years in prison under the apartheid regime. It provides a unique perspective on prejudice, hatred and violence, while at the same time portraying a powerful story of innocence and hope. This hugely influential autobiography about the early years of African-American writer and poet Maya Angelou describes the struggles she endures from an early age and her passage into growing into a young woman.

The Prophet is a collection of teachings brought together in 26 prose poetry essays covering life and the human condition.

One of the best spiritual and inspirational books of all time. Written by the champion of positive thinking, this inspirational book is a hard to beat timeless classic which helped spark a whole new genre of self-help philosophy. This magical and original work covers spiritual grace, acts of kindness, gratitude compassion and empowerment. This is a wonderful and uplifting collection of poems that you can dip into time and time again. This book has the power to transform the way you think; forever.

Peale’s ‘think positive’ teachings have enabled people to apply these concepts into daily situations and helped change their lives for the better. The success of this book means it’s certainly not a secret anymore. It follows the story of a mysterious old man known as ‘Jones’ who turns up in people’s lives and notices stuff that they miss, and then gives them the best gift of all; perspective. The book itself was inspired by two small acts of kindness to the author, and it goes deep into the implications such actions have. It includes the world famous ’Desiderata’ which has to be one of the most inspiring poems of all time. It exposes self-help myths and provides scientifically proven and quick techniques to help you achieve your goals.

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This book tells his story of how he came to live a rich and fulfilling life and became a role model for those seeking true happiness.

In this book he encourages the reader to accept what you cannot control in life and focus instead on what you can, in the same way he has had to. This internationally acclaimed best seller has literally inspired millions to ’feel the fear and do it anyway’.

A beautiful and life affirming nonfiction novel which recounts the story and teachings of a dying man as told to a former student in his final weeks.

This inspirational book and memoir covers the conversations between the two men and Morrie’s thoughts and philosophy on life.

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This book makes you reflect on what is important in life and can provide you with a whole new perspective on everyday encounters. This allegorical novel by Paulo Coelho is an inspirational bestselling classic which projected Coelho and his work into the limelight.