Mark wahlberg and amy adams dating

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That question mark in the title isn’t the only thing missing here.

True, the film never quite takes off and thus never carries us off.

By the time it’s over, by the time the triangle has resolved itself, by the time the arrives, we’re surprised to find ourselves caught up in the choices being made.

Brooks gives his cast plenty of room to strut their stuff.

She has just learned that she’s been cut from her beloved softball team.

Sure, we wish Brooks wouldn’t stop his movie dead in its tracks with an extended subplot involving a pregnant secretary that belongs in a different movie.

See more » The United State Postal Box pictured in the opening scenes has the new eagle symbol showing only the stylized head of the eagle and not the the eagle with the raised wings such as would be in the early 1990s when the film was based.

See more » In many ways, "The Fighter" is the film of 2011. The punches, physical and emotional in and out of the ring took me completely by surprise.

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And while the work turned in by Witherspoon, Rudd, Wilson, and Nicholson isn’t groundbreaking or atypical or award-worthy either individually or collectively, they’re properly relaxed and sufficiently charming enough for us to enjoy their company for a couple of hours.

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