Less intimidating to

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Less intimidating to

Asking permission before you sit shifts the power balance and makes you more approachable.

Freddie Silver started writing newsletters for the Toronto District School Board in 1997.

Perhaps it’s bringing brownies to work on a day when you know everyone will have to work late.

If you want to cease intimidating those around you, you'll have to adopt new ways of communicating. Examine your interactions and ask yourself if you have a subconscious desire to manipulate others.Masculine energy can be a turn-off to guys, says dating coach Michelle Jacoby on the dating site e Even if you’re a take-charge kind of gal, make an effort to slow down a bit and allow men to hold the door open for you, pull out your chair in a restaurant or help you with your coat.After all, some sensitive souls who could be off-put by forceful behavior might make amazing partners.Change your approach, and you’ll likely see a change in the results you’ve been getting in your romantic life.

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Don't interrupt when someone is speaking to you, even when you believe that person is wrong.

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