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In this article we are going to make some comparisons between two of Thailand’s favorite destination cities – Bangkok VS Pattaya.Both cities are great for tourists as there is so much to see and do.To give you an example, Starbucks in Thailand is actually slightly more expensive than in the west. This is especially true as you go further away from Beach Road and Walking Street.So yea, keep your experience Thai and deal with Thai vendors direct. You have to understand that Pattaya is more of a beach town than a major city center like Bangkok.Some say they are a little cheaper still, but that depends on the establishment.

However there is a caveat – if you go to the beer bars and gogo bars along Walking Street, you’ll find similar prices to Bangkok.But if you’re looking for fun, each city has a ton of girls to hang out with and enjoy their company.Hard to pick a clear winner when it comes to massage shops.Hands down, Bangkok is more expensive than Pattaya.With Bangkok being the capital of Thailand, it’s also the center for big business.

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For the solo traveler, these two cities should definitely be on your itinerary.