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Ladder theory of dating

Vulgar Eros and Divine Eros are both connected and part of the same continuous process of pursuing totality of being itself,"Eros is [...] a moment of transcendence [...] in so far as the other can never be possessed without being annihilated in its status as the other, at which point both desire and transcendence would cease [...] (84) Virtue, according to Greek philosophy, is the concept of how closely reality and material form equate with the ideal, true essence of an idea, such as beauty. This definition varies considerably from the modern English interpretation of the term, where virtue equates to that which is good, positive, or benevolent.

This can be seen as a form of linguistic relativity.

Though Plato's discussions of love originally centered on relationships which were sexual and between members of the same sex, scholar Todd Reeser studies how the meaning of platonic love in Plato's original sense underwent a transformation during the Renaissance, leading to the contemporary sense of nonsexual heterosexual love.

The English term dates back to William Davenant's The Platonic Lovers (performed in 1635); a critique of the philosophy of platonic love which was popular at Charles I's court.

attraction towards beautiful form or body but transcends gradually to love for Supreme Beauty.

It is named after Greek philosopher Plato, though the philosopher never used the term himself.Plato's Symposium defines two extremes in the process of platonic love; the entirely carnal and the entirely ethereal.These two extremes of love are seen by the Greeks in terms of tragedy and comedy.Some modern authors' perception of the terms "virtue" and "good" as they are translated into English from the Symposium are a good indicator of this misunderstanding.In the following quote, the author simplifies the idea of virtue as simply what is "good".

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According to Diotima in her discussion with Socrates, for anyone to achieve the final rung in the Ladder of Love, they would essentially transcend the body and rise to immortality - gaining direct access to Being.

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