Kaspersky database not updating

Posted by / 21-Dec-2020 22:29

Finally, restart your computer in standard mode and download your database updates from Kaspersky.

Other security programs like Mc Afee or Norton Anti-virus also conflict with Kaspersky and should be disabled or uninstalled from your computer.And after that, I didn’t bother to open Kaspersky as I was under the impression that it would automatically download the database and requires no manual intervention but I was wrong.About 5 days ago, I found that Kaspersky isn’t updating the virus database automatically, and decided to find a fix for this issue.In some cases, they may be merely inconvenient, producing pop-ups on your screen or redirecting you to third-party websites without your consent.In other cases, however, viruses and malware -- like Win 7, XP and Vista Anti-Virus 2011 -- can keep you from accessing the Internet or can even disable your existing security software.

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Different programs and software running on your computer may interfere with Kaspersky's ability to automatically update its anti-virus database.

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