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Islam and dating rules

GKLMS 234 – Rule: It is better that this looking is done on top of thin or see-thru clothing.

K 235 – Rule: This looking must be the last step of the investigation that both of the spouses-to-be perform.

KGLM Research about either one of the spouses-to-be takes place either in a direct or an indirect way.

The meaning of direct is that both the man and woman ask things directly from one another; and indirect refers to the inquires one makes about the other person from someone else (such as a friend, a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, etc…).

BK Answer: This has the same ruling of looking at the photographs of others.

A Note: The ruling of looking at photographs was previously stated in Chapter III, and one may refer to that.

A Rather, such a look is actually Mustahab so as to prevent any problems after marriage, and it is not necessary to seek the permission of the woman.

Make a deal with Allah (SWT) and by getting married, keep yourselves away from sins, and seek the pleasure and blessings of Allah (SWT).

Rest assured that He will keep make you happy and make you successful.

Also, what if a man looks at many pictures (of various women) in order to choose a spouse from among them?

Answer: If it not with the intention of lust, then it is not a problem.

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