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So winsome…Also he’s currently leading about a dozen other mega-franchises and has his own HBO show, and may well be running for President.

Liam Neeson (6’4″) If only, instead of agreeing to film not one, not two, but three Ben Affleck…shockingly huge!

Any Skarsgård, really, would play Reacher to perfection, although Alexander’s the one with the required elevation.

And it would be fitting for a Swede to play a hulking American hero dreamed up by a Brit.

He was cast as the Kralahome in the 1946 non musical film Anna and the King of Siam.

He also played the sympathetic doctor in The Song of Bernadette and appeared as Derek Flint's (James Coburn) supervisor in the James Bond spy spoofs In Like Flint and Our Man Flint.

Idris Elba (6’3″) We know, he’s not quite tall enough, and probably has some prestige series / movie of his own in development now, but we obey a rule here at the Crime Reads office that says if we can put Idris Elba on a list, we will put Idris Elba on a list.

In 1957, he appeared in Sidney Lumet's 12 Angry Men, the unique trial jury deliberations drama, as the abrasive Juror #3.At a bulky 6’4″ Affleck has the heft and power, but it’s a fair question whether at this point in the career he has the agility for 6-12 episodes of Reacher fight scenes.Sure, he gave Batman a shot, but that’s all done and in the ever-churning cycle that is Ben Affleck’s career, he’s due for a turn away from popcorn projects back to directing surprisingly good crime movies.__________________________________ __________________________________ Joseph Manganiello (6’5″) Manganiello is 6’5″ and a couple hundred pounds of Pittsburgh steal with a solid resume of action and Navy SEAL roles.But it’s his time as soulful werwolf / Sookie Stackhouse protector, Alcide Herveaux, on HBO’s Skarsgårds, and their ability to play simultaneously appealing and menacing characters?

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