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That should not be a problem, plenty of people use Hyper-V. After all, they are both Microsoft-made and part of Windows so you’d expect them to play nice. Microsoft Support recommended to our informant to stop the Hyper-V service and disable it. The months of indexing hassles stopped, Outlook was fully indexed and could search properly. You’ll get a long list of events, too long to deal with.

To get a relevant and manageable list, choose Filter Current Log then pull-down the Event sources list.

It covers the basics of Indexing in Outlook plus some details of Outlook specific indexing errors.

However the indexing problem that’s showing up in Outlook might not be caused by an Outlook problem.

Once that’s done Outlook should be able to search itself quickly.

Windows Search is the current name for the indexing service.

If you want Hyper-V, it’s simple to install from Control Panel | Programs then add a Windows feature. To see a little of what’s happening with Windows Search, go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer.

From the bottom of Actions list (on right), choose Save Filter to Custom View.Here we’ll try to explain what’s happening, what Microsoft recommends and what might actually work.Usually, Outlook is to blame for a problem but not this time.Hyper-V is the virtual machine service that comes with high end versions of Windows.Normally it’s available but not installed because most people don’t need it. But it’s just one example of how flaky Windows Search Service can be.

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And Microsoft’s excuses don’t make much sense when one of the possible problems is Hyper-V, another part of Windows!