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The "Ryo-jin no Ido." (Traveller's Well.) This well is situated about the centre of the Go-jik-ken- michi, on the right haiid side.

Government Edict-board and Regulations at the Omon.

It is a very common custom in Japiin to compose names in tliis manner. supplement to the book, that the characters formerly used in writing the name were IL^ (ni hon=2 lines) and not H .^ (Nihon=Japan), because there were two roads one of which led from Sh Oden-ch O to Sanya-bashi.

t The story of Watamibe no Tmna's adventures has been published in the Kubun- sha " " Fairy Tale Series " under the head of " The Ogr^n Ann." X Tenjin is the name under which Sugawara-no-Miehimne is apotlieosized. As, however, Yedo increased in prosperity, hills were levelled and canals dug, after a while the road to Sanya-bashi disappeared as part of the changes made in the city ; and accordingly the characters IL^ were altered to tl ;4^ in describing the remaining road.

'J'liis creek-side was called '^Tenjin- " gashi" after Sugatvara-no-Michizane, a great scholar who had " been deifled and whose festival fell on the 25tli ot each " month. {The Dyke of Japan.) It is mentioned in the " Dobo Goyen " i POSJIoill that there was an hereditary farmer at Minowa named Shibazaki Yohei, and according to his story he had heard from his grandfather that the Nihon-dsutsumi " was constructed about a hundred years ago in the year of the " large monkey." Now country- men often call the year of KOshin the "year of the large monkey," so the year referred to by Yohei's grandfather may be the 7th year of Genua (1621).

It is also mentioned, in a * The Japanese pronunciation oi the character J§ (sot) in the name " Sainen " is "j Vw Ai" (West); hence the name of Nishi (West) gashi (river bank).

" Long weapons are forbidden."* [This meant spears or " long swords, and also other warlilse weapons wliich formed " part of the ordinary paraphernalia of a Daimy Vs (noble's) " train.] The Present Omon.

On the present O-mon (great gateway) are inscribed the following characters from the pen of Mr.

* Trees planted in this manner by the authorities were called " goyo-boku," or " government trees." Lacquer trees are poisonous, and the sap produces a severe rash on the skin if handled. According to the " Shimpen Yedo-shi," {MMU^J^i^-) the Kurosuke Inari was in the old Yoshiwara, having been founded in the 4th year of Wad5? Again, according to the " Kwagai Manroku " i^^^MW) the shrine of the Kurosuke Inari was situated be- neath Ky O-machi Ni-ch O-me since its removal from the old to the new Yoshiwara, and about the era of Tenna (1681-1683) it began to be called " Kurosuke " Inari because a man called Kurosuke lived in front of the building.Shu-shin saki ni tsuzu ryoko no to^ei," or freely translated into English : — " A dream of Spring-tide when the streets are full of the cherry blossotns.Tidings of the autumn when the streets are lined on either side with lighted lanterns." This poem is a eulogy composed of four sentences each con- taining four Chinese characters, tlie style being an 'imitation of that of the blanlc verses which were in vogue in the THn dynasty.As to the origin of the " Byakko-seki " (white fox stone) of the Akashi-Inari — which was the presiding deity of Yedo- 18 History of the Yoshiwara Yukwaku.cho Ni-ch O-me — its shrine formerly stood on the estates of a certain Mr.

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There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. T6D27 1905 The sexual life of Japan *erng an exhau 3 1924 012 541 797 THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN BEING AN EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF THE NIGHTLESS CITY 1^ ^ m Or the "HISTORY of THE YOSHIWARA YUKWAKU " By J, E.