Girl forgets webcam is on

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Girl forgets webcam is on

” Various web pages and addresses are likely to be in use.Clicking the blue play button can click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account.Alternate Message: LOL this girl forgets to turn her cam off!Trending: June 2011 Why it’s a Scam: Clicking on the wall post will take you to a web page titled, “Old Grandma Tasered by Cop!Girls with sleeves are seriously what make the world go round.They could really have baby seals getting killed by orphans who haven't eaten for nine months while pandas fail at reproducing in the background as their sleeves, and their sleeves would still make them a million times hotter.

Do this by removing the post from your Newsfeed and marking the post as Spam.BONUS: the original guy who saw her is wearing a spoof of a SUBWAY sandwiches shirt that instead says "Zombies: Eat Fresh."She really does more playing with her hair and closing her closet door than she does dancing.She tries to use her hips and fails, but hey, she's a hot, blonde, college chick who's decided to show off the s**tty tattoo on her lower abdomen and make a video for people.When this girl falls is when most girls on this list fall: when they decide that they're so well prepared from their last 30 seconds of experience in dancing, that they also then have the skills of an acrobat.At about , the girl starts climbing onto something in her room (don't these girls ever clean their room?

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This will cause you to spread the scammer’s message to your friends. Every time someone completes a survey the scammer gets paid.