First date nightmares online dating dating an insecure woman

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First date nightmares online dating

He texted me that he was there at pm, I was walking around the corner.Now, I should mention, this gentleman was 51, told me that he was 6’4″. So, that’s a little off and I know this is not going to go anywhere romantically simply because he lied about the most basic thing AND, I just can’t. We were talking and as it turns out, he works for an online publication that writes about my boss so we actually did have some nonsense to talk about.As I walked in, I texted him that I was wearing a blue and black dress – makes it easier to pick me out of the crowd…or some shit like that. The conversation was pretty enjoyable and I figured, sure, one more martini and then I will take off.He stood up to greet me, not only was he not 6’4″, he wasn’t even 6’…he wasn’t even 5’7″. It is now 9pm, so we have been out for a total of an hour.Obviously when online dating, you have to find the other person attractive – I don’t swipe right if I don’t find them attractive, that’s stupid.Plus, they need to be taller than me – this one sometimes bites me because I will start talking to a guy and actually want to meet him but at that point, I’m too far in to be like – ‘hey how tall are you?So it can make picking a meeting time a little challenging (which I have actually had guys bail on dates/ever talking to me again because I could not commit to 7 or or what have you due to the devil keeping me in the office – idiots). I walked into the bar and was a few minutes later than the original scheduled time. He commented on my tardiness which in my head was just oh, he’s making a joke because I kept him waiting 7 minutes at the bar. I do not want to sign a contract to be a sugar baby.

This does not mean that I’m always rude – more so, I just say, quote and come up with the most random comments and instead of thinking – ‘maybe I shouldn’t say that because it would be weird? While on the subject of friends, I think they prefer that I don’t meet anyone normal. Therefore, at their behest, I am documenting the best.My first date where there actually could have been some chemistry – and this is what happens. (Sidenote – I find joy in all situations and find the comedic value in everything). After the ‘sugar baby’ situation, I decided to be a little more clear regarding how I felt about that – as in I just said “I don’t want to be a fucking sugar baby” on more than one occasion. The next date, seemed like a nice guy, very eager to meet me – told me he did not want to wait a week and was free that evening.Ok – I have no plans what could a drink after work hurt?I also have a weird thing with age – I would rather go out with someone that’s 50 than someone my age (29).Dating guys my age is almost over, but not quite, the cusp of the frat boy/bro mindset.

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