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The field of linguistics is composed of interacting subfields, such as phonology, morphology, syntax; I specialize in semantics and pragmatics: what are the elementary operations that we deploy to construct the meaning of a series of words?

How do we manage to compute and combine these operations with no apparent effort?

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And this: “My private parts are over 6 inches so it’s gonna be fun, baby.”Fredenrich describes himself as a billionaire but he isn’t listed on the Forbes billionaire list.

He claims he made his money through being an “Instagram influencer” and CEO of the health-supplement company Nutrition Optimale.

Kylia visited Emmanuel's Career Center for the first time during her freshman year and made key connections that would eventually lead her to a full-time position in research administration at Harvard University.The Sun says that a number of videos on You Tube have accused the company of being a scam – something Fredenrich also “cheerfully boasts about” on his dating site.The 20-year-old claims he received 500 written application forms in the first 24 hours.“I’m looking for a special girl to date,” he writes.“I’m aware that posting an ad to do that is about as normal as seeing an elephant commit mass murder with an AK-47 and then being killed by a baby raccoon.”His website features sentences such as this one: “Are you sick and tired of being approached by drunken, foul-smelling, urine-producing, ass-touching, boobs-grabbing, barely-shaved mass murderers in bars and clubs?

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How do children come to master this complex system? On a daily basis, we develop formal models of this human system: we use tools from mathematics and computer science to emulate parts of this system.

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